Bandstand Beds

Food growing in the heart of Clapham

We are a community garden, sustained by dedicated volunteers, aiming to get their hands dirty, get outside, grow vegetables and have a good time. Growing everything from squash to salad and veg for your Sunday roast.

We pride ourselves on providing an area for the local community to discover the joys and benefits of growing and cooking their own food, with the added benefit of taking home freshly picked fruit and vegetables.

Are you interested in the community, gardening, sustainability, the environment, your health or knowledge sharing?

If the answer is yes, then join us on Saturdays from 10am for our weekly gardening session, with tea and cake at around 11.30am. And on the first Saturday of the month we stay open later for a laidback lunch.



Event Information:

  • Thu

    Clapham Common Management Advisory Commitee Annual Open Meeting

    7:00 pmClapham Omnibus, 1 Clapham Common Northside

    Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee (CCMAC) is the group that works with Lambeth Council to manage the Common.

    The committee is made up of local councillors, elected community representatives, the Clapham Society and the Friends of Clapham Common.

    In recognition of our contribution to Clapham Common and CCMAC there is an item on the Agenda for the AOM proposing that Bandstand Beds Association has community representation on the committee, in the same way that the Clapham Society and Friends of Clapham Common do.

    The CCMAC Annual Open Meeting is open to all local residents (Lambeth or Wandsworth) and all users of the Common, and all residents and users are entitled to vote at this meeting.

    If you believe Bandstand Beds Association has become an important part of Clapham Common and makes a positive contribution to it, please come along and support our organisation at the CCMAC AOM.

    Directions on how to get to Omnibus Theatre can be found here.

    For more information email





Want more information? Read about our history here. Check out our blog to see what we’ve been up to recently. Or just want to dive straight in, come along and see what volunteering is like? Get in touch with us!