Bandstand Beds

Food growing in the heart of Clapham

We are a community garden run by dedicated volunteers, aiming to get their hands dirty, get outside, grow vegetables and have a good time.

We pride ourselves on providing an area for the local community to discover the joys and benefits of growing and cooking their own food, with the added benefit of taking home freshly picked fruit and vegetables.

We growing everything from squash to salad and veg for Sunday roast. And all of this lovely local produce is available to our members and passers-by for a donation, which goes towards keeping our garden growing.

Are you interested in the community, gardening, sustainability, the environment, your health and wellbeing or knowledge sharing? If the answer is yes, then drop in and see us – or take a peak at our activities From Seed To Feast in 2018.

Our garden is open…

Saturdays • We are a fun group of people who meet to garden between 10am and 1pm with tea and cake at around 11.30. There is a table at our main gate with freshly harvested produce which is available to the public for a donation. During the summer months we often hold a laidback lunch, for a pay-what-you-can donation, or a bring and share picnic.

Mondays (from April) • Grown-up Gardening for the over 55s, from 11am to 2pm. A chance to get outdoors in the garden, relax and meet people – with tea and cake!

Wednesday evenings • During the summer months we meet on Wednesday evenings from 6pm until around 7.30pm to garden and harvest veg.

If you would like to become a member of Bandstand Beds you can join here.

We are currently fundraising to lay pathway and install a composting toilet in our community garden. If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of this project please click on this link, or email


Event Information:

  • Fri

    Walk on the Wild Side Picnic

    Picnic 6.30pm - Walk 8pmBandstand Beds, Windmill Drive, Clapham Common


    As twilight embraces Clapham Common and the birds begin to roost, a whole set of nocturnal creatures begin to emerge from their nests and hiding places to forage for food.

    Many of them are seldom seen or heard in the darkness but there are ways of detecting them, if you know how and where to look.

    Join us for an evening stroll with Dr Iain Boulton, Lambeth’s Environmental Compliance Officer, to discover some of Clapham Common’s night-time wildlife, such as a pipistrelle bat (below).

    But what else might be out there in the darkness?

    Iain told us: ‘Yes, we do get pipistrelles. But we also get Noctule and Daubenton’s bats around the ponds, although they are more elusive. Seeing these is subject to a bit of patience and good luck.’

    We’ll also be on the look out for moths (aka a bat’s dinner), such as Jersey tiger moth, poplar and oak hawk moths, and brimstone moths.

    It will get dark at around 8pm on 16 April but before we head off our tour of discovery we too will be foraging for food with a bring-and-share picnic in our community garden, starting at 6.30.

    This is a free event. Everyone welcome!


    For more information about our events and activities email



Want more information? Read about our history here. Check out our blog to see what we’ve been up to recently. Or just want to dive straight in, come along and see what volunteering is like? Get in touch with us!