Picnic & Bat Stroll

Dr Boulton leading a bat walk with us last April – it was a bit chilly!

Bats are weirdly wonderful creatures surrounded by myth and legend – if you believe in vampires!

In reality they’re timid creatures quietly going about their nocturnal business unnoticed.

Have you ever seen one? Would you like to?

They’re actually quite easy to spot around Clapham Common’s Mount Pond if you know where to look, and hear if you have the right equipment.

Join us for a bring-and-share picnic in our garden followed by an evening bat spotting stroll on the Common with Lambeth’s Dr Iain Boulton, who will bring heterodyne detectors to pick up the calls of the bats.

Free event. Everyone welcome!

For more information about this or other activities in our garden email ccbandstandbeds@gmail.com


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