We’re putting together a cookery book that’ll show the diversity of recipes in Lambeth, and get us all cooking, ideally using the crops we’ll grow in 2013!

Squash and bean recipes of all sorts from all over the world are warmly welcomed!

Simple ways of preparing, family favourites, dishes ‘made out of your head’, full on chef-style recipes: we want the full range.

Please send your original recipes, or your variation on classic dishes to:

or post on facebook, 

Or give us a call too, if you want to talk it though – 07971065821. We’d really love to have a picture of you with the dish or the ingredients for the website and the recipe book.

If you’re up to it, make a video and send us the youtube link!

We’ll be having communal cooking and feasting in October, a chance for everyone to bring some of their harvest and share preparation and eating. Watch the website!

Caroline’s Chicken Curry with Squash and Spinach

Cherie’s Pumpkin and Chilli Loaf

Fi’s simply roasted pumpkin wedges

Ray’s Trinidadian Pumpkin Choka

Fiorella’s Italian Beansballs

Emma’s honeyed pumpkin with chickpeas and spinach

Norma’s Pumpkin Pecan Pie

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