Sow, grow, feast!

6 mayeMandish was able to tell us that ‘kodu’ is Punjabi for pumpkin, and held up her own little ‘pumpkin’ for us to see. The pumpkin and his two brothers took away some seeds in pots to grow on. They promised to bring back some fruits for the communal cook ups we’re planning for October.

See Ray and Fiorella’s recipes for info on our FEASTING collaborators!

Mandish and her family visited one of our sowing sessions at the Bandstand Beds on 6th May, a lovely sunny day with no wind for a change! See the ‘sowing’ photo album on our facebook photo album page for more pix of the day’s goings on.

The ‘Ram’s Kodu’ seed had been provided by Anton Rosenfeld of the Sowing New Seeds project at Garden Organic. We’ll be adding more info about the varieties we’ve sown very soon…

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