Bandstand Beds

Growing into 2017 in the heart of Clapham

We are a community garden, sustained by dedicated volunteers, aiming to get their hands dirty, get outside, grow vegetables and have a good time. Growing everything from squash to salad and veg for your Sunday roast.

We pride ourselves on providing an area for the local community to discover the joys and benefits of growing and cooking their own food, with the added benefit of taking home freshly picked fruit and vegetables.

Are you interested in the community, gardening, sustainability, the environment, your health or knowledge sharing? Join us on Saturdays for our weekly gardening meet-up (sometimes coupled with a picnic full of fresh veggies!) and get involved with your community.

Spacehive Crowdfunding Project

We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise £5,149 to install pathways to make our community garden a welcoming and safe place for everyone. Each Saturday we have a stall at our community garden on Windmill Drive and all money donated for produce is pledged to our Spacehive crowdfunding project.

We have until 7 October 2017 to achieve our total goal and we are already more than half way there, but there’s still a long way to go and time is running out… Can you help us achieve our target? If you would like to pledge a donation you can do so by clicking on this link to Spacehive


Event Information:

  • Sat

    We're on holiday

    Bandstand Beds is taking a break over winter. We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Our next Saturday session will be on 28 January 2017. Do get in touch with us if you'd like to get involved.


Want more information? Read about our history here. Check out our blog to see what we’ve been up to recently. Or just want to dive straight in, come along and see what volunteering is like? Get in touch with us!