August harvest and Piccalilli

Our mid-week potter yesterday produced a fantastic harvest. Loads of cucumbers hiding away at the back of the polytunnel, courgettes – some rather more marrows, plus beans, tomatoes squash, and a few peas.  Some friends old and new turned up to help water, harvest and plan for Saturdays bring and share picnic.

I took home some produce and made piccalilli. The most time-consuming part is preparing the vegetables. I ended up with a kilo and a half of courgette, cucumber, tomatoes, runner and French beans,  and some shallots (the only vegetables not from the garden).  They then had to be brined overnight in salt to remove excess moisture, then rinsed and drained.


Then into a vinegar, sugar, mustard powder, turmeric, and ginger spiced liquid to simmer for 5 minutes, which is then thickened by cornflour.


Finally into hot sterilised jars and then sealed. Not for this Saturdays pic-nic, as like  most pickles it needs at least 6 weeks before eating. Should be available at the Clapham fete on 3 September or at our Feast on 8 October.  Copies of the recipe will be available on Saturday 20/8 in case this inspires BBA members to have a go themselves!