Berry good indeed!

We were thrilled to arrive for our gardening session and discover that Iain Boulton had been working with volunteers from Lloyds Bank who had done some major weeding. Big thanks to them! Everything looks great and is coming on a treat. Blackbirds permitting, we’ll have a bumper crop of blackcurrants and gooseberries this year.


Diana and Iain admiring the fruit crop.

Throughout the morning we planted beans and squash and thinned seedling we planted in the raised beds earlier in the year.

Heather planting chard

Heather thinning out the chard.

Amanda, Dee and David sorting the kale (3)

Amanda, Dee and David trying to work out where to put all of our ‘oh so trendy kale’ seedlings.

After finishing at The Spinney we headed over to tidy round the beds at the Bandstand and planted tomatoes. Then it was time for a group photo…

BBA group photo  16 May 2015

Amrit, David, Heather, Diana, Amanda, Charles, Iain and Dee.

This was followed by a well-deserved tea break when we discussed our plans for the clean-up morning at the Green Waste Depot and our community picnic on 27 June. More details to follow.