Blackcurrant Magic

IMG_0786We’re thinking blackcurrants maybe for 2014.  We have the shady beds between the toilets and the kids’ playground. A nice site, but not the best for growing veg. Currants are woodland edge plants so don’t mind shade so much.

They get harvested in July so we can get fruit action going before the school summer holidays.

And of course they are choc full of vitamin C – fitting in with our theme of using summer sunshine for the winter store cupboard. Resilience planting.

Lovely jams, cordials (like a less sickly Ribena), and fruit leathers could all be on the Clapham Menu soon.

I (Fiona, Chair BB) love currants and have supplied Brixton Restaurant Cornercopia with some of my REALLY amazing jam. Yes, I say it myself. Clapham Blackcurrant is in their limited edition Lambeth Larder specialist hamper for Christmas – go on treat a friend. Cornercopia seeks out hyper-local produce. Lambeth Poly also supplied them until recently.

Click here for to see this hamper and others,

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Also see some Indian pumpkins!