Gooseberry fooled?

On Saturday morning we discovered an important fact of life, that there is absolutely no truth in the old wives’ tale about what you find under gooseberry bushes. Nope, no babies! Our bushes were simply laden with berries, which Dee and Amanda picked and plan to freeze to use later…

Dee_Amanda picking gooseberries

A tad sharp!
A tad sharp!

With the help of a little sugar, we’ll be using them to cook up something scrumptious for our Pick-nic on 27 June. Gooseberry fool maybe? If you have a really delicious dessert or cake recipe we could use them in, please email it to us: Better still, make it and bring it along to the Pick-nic!

After picking some kale and chard we headed off to the beds at the Bandstand and harvested our garlic.

Ooh-la-la what a lovely bunch!
Ooh-la-la what a lovely bunch!

We then planted some spring onion and spinach seed, in between lots of chats with passers-by who were really enthusiastic about getting involved in our new community food-growing space at the Green Waste Depot on the Common.

If you would like to hear more about the project and see what is already happening, then come along to our Pick-nic on 27 June.

Join our litter pick, which starts at 10am at the Green Waste Depot, Windmill Drive, and wander round the site to see exactly what is planned.

In the afternoon we’ll make our way to the Bandstand for a pop-up picnic. We’ll be noshing nattering and chilling to the funky sounds of 7Suns and Bennu Dub who will be playing on the Bandstand.

It’s a free event… but feel free to bring some delicious food to share!

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