March Winds do Blow

It’s been a busy few weeks at the beds, borderline hectic at times, but with everyone mucking in it’s amazing how much can be achieved in a short time.

New beds have been built and planted with crops in preparation for the cook-ups that we have planned for the summer


Tom adding the finishing touches to a bed he’d built with his dad


Then we filled the bed – free work out for our members!

broadbeansThen planted with broad beans grown on in our polytunnel

To help make sure we get to eat our lovely fresh veg before the slugs and snails do, we’ve put into practice a tip we learnt our gardening workshop with Michel from Social Landscapes. We watered all our beds with a solution containing nematodes, a parasitic organism that feeds on slugs and snails. Let’s hope it works!

slug2 slug1


And we had loads of great winter veg to sell, alongside flowers and plants


We had help this week from GoodGym who ran down to clear the rubbish from the side of the new shipping container. Many thanks indeed.

They may even come back to help level the new part of the garden.