Marvellous May – extra sessions added. Join in!

We’ve added more sessions, so now there’s something to do every weekend in May. Join us to really make the Chelsea Fringe go with a splash!

For gardening you need to become a member – £5 for the year! Bargain. See our page here, Take Part, to pay online or come and find us at one of the sessions. If you become a member, we can also induct you in watering at any of these sessions and sign you up to the rota. See our two locations (nearby) on the Common here.

logo2Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 11 – 2Seed Sowing for the Squash and Bean Swap. Visit the Bandstand Beds, chat to us, sow some seeds and look forward to harvest. Growing advice and how to get involved.
Pumpkin_Orange_WebSunday 12th May 11 – 4 Hugel making and currant planting at our second site by the playground off Windmill Drive. Become a Bandstand Bed member to take part in this.
SquashFLYER_FrontClearSunday May 19th 11 – 2Seedling Swap for the Chelsea FringeJoin in this event, part of a borough-wide happening. Seedling planting at the beds!
bean6Sunday May 26th 12 – 3 Seedling planting at the hugel! Become a Bandstand Bed member to take part in this