Pumpkin hugel

Our second site was weeded and topped up with fresh soil and manure on Friday. Thanks to Victor, Parks Manager, and corporate volunteers from Arquiva – very nice chaps and chappesses on an away day from the computer. What’s more, they built a hugel – old wood and wood chips topped off with green waste compost and lovely top soil.

If you sliced through this toblerone-shaped hump it would be like a delicious nutty, marzipan and chocolate coated Viennese cakey thing.

This is going to be a pumpkin patch to out-do any in Lambeth, or even all of London! We have over twenty plants ready to ramp away all over.

Hope you’ll join us for our feasting events in the autumn – watch this website, or even better, get in touch to take part –


Pamela, long-standing volunteer with the project, Amanda from Streatham (who’ll

be growing squash and beans in a planter project there) and Fiona (Chair, Bandstand Beds) had fun planting into the lovely new earth.