pumpkin picnic

We had a lovely busy day of chat, planting, tending and eating.

A row of sunflowers to back our dwarf (60cm) black-eyed beans plants – lots of lovely sticks.  Baby broad beans popped liked sweeties. Info on natural fertiliser, comfrey tea (sorry I made you smell it, Emma), and plant tonic, the seaweed extract.

Join Bandstand Beds to get involved in watering and running the group. Click the membership page. And join us next on July 7th, noon – 3, when we’ll be having a focus on herbs – probably some plants for pricking out! It’s the Summer Fete!

the last of the seedlings for swap and giveaway – beauties
seed case empty, roots formed, no shoot or leaves. Diagnosis: SLUG!
Diana, treasurer and membership, and Emma, water rota manager in chief, both gems
regulars Gabriella and Jo picked broad beans
Susan will bring back a fruit or two for the harvest cook-up
The Olssen family took a little pumpkin to grow on
Maisie took away a couple of dwarf French beans for her balcony
George, nearly 5, is already a keen gardener
These two took away a pumpkin each for the garden
brought food to share