Soggy Saturday

After all that rain we turned up at the Community Garden to find we had to wade through a big puddle to get in.  We managed to sweep the water out into the road and down a drain – thankfully unblocked thanks to Neil and Charles. Plastic water bottles get everywhere!
Main tasks today were to harvest, harvest, harvest – heaps of broad beans, salad, beetroot and our first runner beans and peas.
Amrit tackled the polytunnel – wires put in to tie up the tomatoes and cucumbers. Tall canes removed or tied in as we worry about piercing the plastic by accident when moving canes.
Emily showed us how to take out side shoots on the tomatoes and a forest of tomato plants soon became orderly.  Some mangetout plants went in following topping up one of the beds by Charles and Dee weeded endlessly around the squash plants. We had some new visitors to the garden who we hope to see again.
Later that day I made a vegetable chilli using a huge courgette (more like a marrow!)  with a lovely salad from the garden.
Pronounced most acceptable by family!