Clapham resident? We want you! Watering rota calls…

We are looking for Bandstand Bed members! Clapham people with a joy for growing and a bit of time to water and build a hugel…scroll down for contacts

IMG_6794The watering rota is getting started. This involves committing to a morning once a week before 9am or an evening after 6.30 or so.  You’ll need to water the plants . It’s just a few broad beans at the moment, but valuable squash and beans to come. You’ll keep an eye out for damage and get your eye in to know how much water is required at the time you visit. You’ll need to become a member (insurance etc) and do a short induction – not just how to water, but also about the project so you can chat knowledgeably to the many visitors who will approach you!

Build a hugel. We need your help shovelling (mainly) in May. See Marvellous May for work dates. A hugel is a toblerone-shaped heap with wood and manure at its core. We’ll be seeing pumpkins trail all over it for a fab display of nutritious soil giving amazing fruits in due course.

Committe jobs

We’d love to have your skills in the following areas:

Admin support and shadowing Fiona (Chair) to use Squash and Bean Swap to catalyse a Clapham Forum and Green Group

Press and PR – help us reach the wider community and shout about what we do

Fundraising – have you got the stamina? With more money – we can do more

Cooking and organising our Feasting event – we have the ideas but need someone with a bit of capacity

Web development and mapping – well, its obvious, isn’t it!

Membership – we need someone to administer this

Please get in touch:

Watering rota Emma 07542 058881

everything else Fiona 07971 065821