It’s the Big Lunch/Chelsea Fringe Picnic at Bandstand Beds – June 2nd

IMG_7829Join us for food and chat 11 – 2. Bring a picnic, a rug or bring over your food from La Baita and join us. We may even have some succulent baby broad beans to share from our plants growing there.

Meet the team behind the Bandstand Beds, and maybe become a member and take part!

We’ll have two mini-workshops.

11.30 at our hugel site, by the children’s playground. It’s going to possibly be the biggest pumpkin patch in London!

Our 20 or more pumpkin seedlings were planted out on 19th May and are going well despite the lower temperatures (again).

Find out what a hugel is, and why we’re doing that. We may have a job for someone good with knots – putting up a bean pole row.

1.00 at the bandstand beds site, by the bandstand cafe. Find out about the project, the Squash and Bean Swap. We’ll have some dwarf  black eye bean plants to put in, so you can have a hand in that too.

See our contact page for locations and take part tab for membership and donations.

Pix from our super-successful seedling swap and planting session on 19th May